Reading Group

Reading Group

The Reading Group meets in the Waterview Lounge from 1.30pm – 3.30pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  This group is theme based and you can read fact or fiction in any written form of your choice (book, article, essay etc) that includes the month’s theme. Share what you have read or been reading, whether or not you would recommend it, and the thoughts it provoked.

Themes 2019



January 17

 2018 Book Swap / Holiday Reading

February 21

 Fairy tales  

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.’     Albert Einstein

March 21


 ‘Murder is terribly exhausting.’ Albert Camus

April 18


 ‘If I was whisked away…I think I could put up with anything, except not seeing the Australian landscape.’    Arthur Boyd

May 16


‘Deliberately causing mayhem in Snape's Potions class was about as safe as poking a sleeping dragon in the eye.’ J.K. Rowling

June 20


‘It’s every man’s business to see justice done’. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

July 18

Author – surname starting with ‘J’

‘Read widely and with discrimination. Bad writing is contagious’.    P.D. James

August 15

American Civil War

‘The struggle of today is not altogether for today – it is for a vast future also’.   Abraham Lincoln

September 19


‘Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality’. Oscar Wilde

October 17

Other Worlds 

‘Books are not about passing the time. They're about other lives. Other worlds’.   Alan Bennett

November 21


‘Just living is not enough….One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower’.   Hans Christian Anderson

December 12 (2nd week)

 Christmas Book Swap / Topics 2019 



January 16

 2019 Book Swap / Holiday Reading